Your Ingredients: Nexmo's APIs, Raspberry Pi.

In many parts of the world this is a time when families gather, celebrate, and eat pie. So what better time would there be to whip up some technology using a Raspberry Pi and the Nexmo API?

Here's the recipie for success:

  • Take one Raspberry Pi
  • Mix in some of Nexmo's Communication APIs
  • Season with extra technology to taste.

Warning: If you actually bake your pi, that's on you.

Once 'baked' tell us what you've cooked up, why it's so incredably tasty, and send us a way to enjoy it ourselves. That could be the code itself, a link (if it can be tasted - sorry, tested - that way), or a video it in action. Here's what we'll be looking for.

Nexmo Docs & Resources:


What can you win?

$500 Amazon Gift Card

The Ultimate Raspi Hackers Kit

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  • This contest is open only to legal residents of the United States and other locations where this contest is not prohibited or restricted by law,

  • age eighteen (18) or over,

  • excluding employees of Company and members of their immediate families, and

  • excluding entities (and their personnel and consultants) that provide services competitive with any of Company or its services.


  • Wholly original, and created during the contest.

  • Use Nexmo's APIs as authorized in the applicable documentation and the terms and conditions located at

  • Provided Nexmo access to test the submission. 

How to enter

  • Register on Devpost
  • Check the Documentation
  • Create something that uses Nexmo's API and a Raspberry Pi.
  • Submit what you've built, a way to test it, or a video demo of it, through Devpost before 11:45 PM on December 23rd (GMT)


Sam Machin

Sam Machin
Developer Advocate, Nexmo

Judging Criteria

  • Use of Nexmo
    How well does the integration uses Nexmo's APIs? We want that use to be core to the integration.
  • Use of Raspberry Pi
    Does it do more than just use the Pi as a computer? Does it leverage its size, hardware extensibility, or other features unique to the Pi?
  • Overall Quality
    How seamless is the functionality? Are others inspired to build something?